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Siskind Boyd LLP provides litigation and legal counseling services to clients in a broad range of businesses, including high technology, manufacturing, entertainment, publishing, advertising, multimedia, and electronic commerce. The firm focuses on clearing, registering and enforcing intellectual property rights, assisting with transactional and licensing needs, and resolving the variety of conflicts and disputes that arise in the course of business.

Competitors both fear and admire this compact, hard-hitting boutique: “It’s really tough to face in court, but takes a positive approach to resolving disputes and is always reasonable to deal with.” Clients are likewise impressed: “The team has an infallible grasp of the technical aspects of the law, a practical approach and a first-class international network.”
- World Trademark Review, 2015


Peter Harvey, Lawrence Siskind, and Mark Jacobs founded Harvey Siskind Jacobs LLP, the predecessor of Siskind Boyd LLP, on January 1, 2000. The founders had each practiced for a number of years in large San Francisco-based corporate law firms, but they were searching for new challenges. They believed they could better serve their clients in a smaller and more collegial office environment. Since its founding, the firm has grown, adding associate lawyers with a rich variety of law school backgrounds and life experiences and a shared commitment to excellence in handling intellectual property issues, commercial disputes, and business transactions. In 2003, the firm welcomed Ian Boyd as its first nonfounding partner. After the departures of Mark Jacobs and Peter Harvey, the firm changed its name to Siskind Boyd. But in growing and evolving, the firm has never lost sight of the founders’ original goal: Lawyers working in a small, synergistic setting delivering the highest quality professional service.


Siskind Boyd LLP offers clients the advantages of dealing with lawyers who are highly experienced in counseling and litigation in intellectual property, commercial disputes, and product liability issues. At the same time, clients enjoy the personal attention and focused quality of a smaller boutique practice. The firm’s lawyers are trained to provide the highest standard of professional service while making judicious use of legal resources. The object is to practice law in a way that adds significant value to the client’s business. We achieve this through careful selection and hands-on training of our young lawyers; thoughtful, business-goal driven strategic planning in partnership with our clients; and cost-effective, well-considered use of firm and client resources.

Community Service

Siskind Boyd attorneys are active, contributing members of their civic and professional communities, enriching and being enriched by their highly diverse outside causes. With the firm’s enthusiastic encouragement and support, Siskind Boyd attorneys serve on state commissions, teach at law schools and high schools, coach school sports teams, speak and write for professional organizations, and support a wide range of community service groups and projects, from the California Lawyers for the Arts (and artists’ groups referred by that organization), the Say Hey Foundation and the University of San Francisco, to the Boards of the Pacific Research Institute, the San Francisco Intellectual Property Association, Copyright Society of the USA, and American Jewish Committee.
 Our Team
Thanks to its compact size, [the firm] is among the most nimble, creative and competitive firms on the market. Its attorneys provide cost-effective, high-end advice on everything from clearance and prosecution through to litigation and settlements to a strategic awareness further elevates its standing among its peers.
- World Trademark Review 2012

Practice Areas

Trademarks & Copyrights

Our firm’s intellectual property law services range from IP asset audits to registrations, and from licensing to litigation. We counsel our clients in identifying and evaluating their intellectual property assets. We design practical and cost-effective programs to safeguard their technology, business methods, trade secrets, and other proprietary information. We provide trademark and trade name clearance services, and steer our clients through the federal, state, and international registration processes to secure their statutory rights.

Together with our network of associated foreign counsel, we currently protect some of the world’s most valuable trademarks in software, financial services, microprocessors, clothing, real estate services, wines and beverages throughout the global marketplace.

We litigate all aspects of intellectual property disputes, including trademark, patent, and copyright infringement, and trade secret misappropriation cases. Our clients include start-up companies and Fortune 500 corporations; as well as individual authors, artists, producers and other creators. We’re fast. When motions for expedited relief such as temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, and other equitable remedies are critical, we know how to get the job done.

IP Litigation

Siskind Boyd attorneys litigate contract breaches, employee disputes, anti-competitive activity, securities fraud, insurance coverage, and a range of other controversies arising in the course of business. We consistently achieve our clients’ litigation objectives, all the way through trial and appeal.

We are proud of our record of litigating, and prevailing, against many of the nation’s largest law firms. A reflection of our success in the courtroom is the fact that a substantial part of the firm’s new business has come by way of referrals from these same large firms.

We attain these successes economically. We staff most cases with one partner and one associate. The client knows it will have the personal attention of the partner on the matter. We delegate tasks to our associates when appropriate, to use their lower billing rates to save our clients’ money, but only with the involvement and under the supervision of the assigned partner. Because of our firm’s flexible work assignment system, we can quickly shift resources from one case to another, ensuring that we can match any legal team pitted against us.

While Siskind Boyd attorneys are vigorous courtroom advocates, we always keep in mind the client’s ultimate business objectives. When we can obtain those ends through arbitration or mediation, or through settlement negotiations, we do so. We know that litigation is about the client, not the advocate.


We represent clothing and tie manufacturers, vineyards and vintners, beverage makers, computer game designers, and software component makers in expanding their markets. We negotiate trademark and copyrights licenses, publicity rights releases, corporate acquisitions, and conventional goods and services distribution agreements, with our clients’ trading partners throughout the world.

At Siskind Boyd, we realize that the client’s best interests lie not in prevailing in the courtroom – but in avoiding the courtroom altogether. So after we negotiate deals that recognize and maximize our clients’ financial interests, we draft thoughtful, effective legal documents that secure those gains.

Our business clients come in all sizes. Some are from the ranks of the nation’s largest corporations. But we also help individuals and startup companies achieve their objectives.

At Siskind Boyd, we take the long view of professional relationships. We expect every client who walks in our door to stay with us, and to grow with us. We treat them accordingly. Nothing pleases us more than to add our legal expertise to our clients’ ingenuity and drive, to produce a flourishing business success.
"Intellectual property and litigation are cornerstones of this San Francisco boutique, which wins coast-to-coast recognition for its staggering achievements. The lean team punches well above its weight and handles all types of trademark instructions with aplomb."
- World Trademark Review 2013

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